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Health & happiness are an ongoing endeavour and exploration.

Your body, thoughts & emotions are constantly changing, meaning your approach to your wellbeing needs to adapt to the present moment, and unfortunately there are no quick fixes. 

The answer? Building self awareness through education & simple sustainable practices with the help of others who have in depth experience & knowledge.

A chosen mentor, guide or teacher, should have qualities that you aspire to embody. That person of course is not perfect, they too are on a journey to discover what it is means to uncover their full potential as well. This person however can offer guidance & support to make your path more clear.
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Physical Purification

Reduce toxicity & increase vitality in the body through yoga poses/techniques & diet. Includes a 3 - 5 day home cleanse.

Ayurveda fundamentals

Learn & start applying the principles of ayurveda to your life in a practical way.


Yoga Philosophy

A framework to help you understand life at a deeper level. If you have ever contemplated: Who am I? Why am I here? What is really is life about? this is for you.



One of the most misunderstood practices. Experience the depths of what meditation is really about through practicing a proven systematic approach & study.


Yoga Nidra

The key to providing your nervous system with the opportunity to release anxiety and over time move towards a state of effortlessness. This practice is done lying on your back, great for those who find sitting challenging.



Vibration is one of the most powerful tools I practice. Learn the fundamentals of mantra and be supported while building a regular practice.


The majority of people do not have what is consider to be healthy breathing. This effects not only your physical health but also your mental & emotional states. Improve the strength of your diaphragm & learn how to shape your energy through breath.


Vedic Astrology

For those who have had or are planning on having a vedic astrology reading with Veda Dave and need support understanding what it all means and implementing any advice/remedies.



Ideal for those who have good self awareness/self care practices, however would like some additional guidance & clarity. No minimum commitment required.


3 x 90MIN SESSIONS - $720 (save $120)

This option will allow us time to predominantly explore one of the 8 categories. Can be used sporadically as needed or scheduled at intervals to help you stay focused.

6 x 90MIN SESSIONS - $1,200 (save $240)

This option will allow us to work more closely together, predominantly in one or potentially two of the 8 categories.


I will provide you with step by step instructions to follow. Every 1- 2 months we will have follow up sessions to track your progress, discuss/implement the next steps required & tailor your program to keep you on track towards your specific goals.

Please note that all of the 90min 1:1 sessions, include a minimum of 1 - 2 hours of post session work, where I collate & provide you with all the 1:1 session information.

Once payment has been received, I will be in touch with additional information & to organise your session time(s).

Have questions? If you are interested but unsure if working 1:1 with me is right for you, please schedule a free 15min chat session using the link below.

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