Looking for answers for your health?

Yoga & Ayurveda are sister sciences, so it is a natural progression when you have a yoga practice to then start asking about how Ayurveda can also help your well being. 

We are very fortunate to have an incredible Ayurvedic Dr in Tasmania, Dr Gangashree Nair. 


Gangashree is based in Hobart having moved to Tasmania 2017. Born in the home lands of Ayurveda in Kerala, India, both of Gangashree's parents are Ayurvedic Dr's &

of Brahman descent.  

Gangashree is available in Launceston for monthly weekend consultations @ The Tiny Yoga Space.

To book a Launceston appointment , visit the "Book" menu.

What is my Constitution?!

Ayurveda, India's medicine, has origin's dating back 5,000 years. Ayurveda believes that we each born with our own individual constitution.


To discover your constitution, complete the below Prakriti questionnaire. Results are best read in conjunction with Deepak Chopra's, Perfect Health book.


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