A regular home practice is the answer to becoming the Master of your life.


It is what you do each day that makes the biggest impact to your life. It is better to practice 15mins a day, than an hour once a week.


That's why our teachings are predominantly online based, so you have everything you need, everyday in your own home.


If you want to see REAL change in your life, the key is to work towards a daily home practice. Lauren & I are here to support you all the way.



Each month we will teach a face to face class, as seeing your teacher is an important part of the process. I see my teacher once a year in person & the remainder of the time online.


I know this is a different format to what you maybe used to, however I promise with this structure we will be able to provide you with so much more & most importantly you will see, feel & experience the difference. 



The Yoga Tradition of which I am initiated in, has a systematic methodical approach to Yoga. It understands that we are each unique & require different approaches to connect with the teachings in a practical way.

That's why I've created 3 membership options to support you, where ever you are on your yoga path.

A good option to begin, especially if you are new to yoga or if you haven't quite figured out how to commit to your practice regularly. 

A great option that will suit the majority of existing yogis with all the support you need to practice from home.

Only a limited number of these memberships will be available. This option is for those who have a strong desire to experience life in all its totality. There will be a high level of interaction & accountability to ensure your success. 


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