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Our classes are suitable for all levels including beginners. We are less focused on the poses (asanas) & more focused on savasana (deep rest), breathing (pranayama), meditation + yoga nidra. 

We are here to break down the yoga cliches - you definitely do not need a bendy body to practice our classes. In fact if you do not enjoy asanas, skip them all together! 

Our Yoga classes are not a one size fits all approach. 

These classes are designed to primarily purify & strengthen the body to start to prepare the breath & the mind for the yogic journey. Generally the asana is more physically focused however

as with all our classes the savasana, pranayama + meditation can be practiced exclusively. 

The qualities of Calm & Stable are revered by the Yoga Tradition as essential. These classes will initially help you establish a calm & tranquil mind & over time increase your capacity to sustain a calm state & become increasing stable - benefiting all areas of your life.

Prana (energy) is the main focus in these classes. Initially learning to develop a sensitivity to prana, then gradually evolving to experiencing yourself as a vessel of life force, rather than just  identifying yourself as purely matter (a physical body). ​​

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